Veterinary Nursing CPD (VN)

Carly Seymour VTS (Anesthesia and Analgesia), DipAVN, CertVNECC, A1, CC, RVN, Dick White Referrals | AVNC2023

45 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

We will briefly explore the types of emergency laparotomy cases that may be presented to your practices and how we as RVNs can make a difference to our patients by understanding the pathophysiology. We will then focus on the anaesthetic management from preparation and pre-anaesthetic exam through to the recovery period. This presentation aims to get you thinking and build your confidence in managing the anaesthesia care for these cases.

Jackie Demetriou BVetMed, Cert SAS, Dip ECVS, FRCVS, University of Nottingham | AVNC2023

50 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

This lecture will outline up to date evidence-based information and provide practical application of wound management techniques in hard to heal wounds. Recognition of when things are not proceeding as planned is vital, and therefore early application of changes to wound management to improve outcomes is important. There are also new products being brought to market with new wound management techniques promoted and this can add to the confusion on what to select and when; so this lecture will break this down in to easier to digest information that is applicable to both simple and advanced wounds.

Jack Pye RVN | AVNC2023

45 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

This ultrasound presentation will cover the following key learning points and help you to: 

  • Understand the basic controls of the ultrasound machine to optimize your ultrasound scan image quality 
  • Understand when ultrasound can come in useful under a veterinary nursing job role 
  • Recognise different organs and what is a normal appearance/structure when carrying out FAST scans 
  • Know how to carry out a FAST ultrasound scan in useful situations with a systematic approach

Dan Kenny BVSc CertAVP MRCVS, Paragon Veterinary Referral | HNC2023

50 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

Aiming to give Veterinary Nurses extra confidence in their approach to uncomplicated skin tumours. From understanding the behaviour of common cutaneous neoplasms to diagnostic investigations including fine needle aspiration, incisional or excisional biopsies. Covering instrumentation and surgical technique and reviewing methods of primary skin closure. Hot tips and tricks to beat tension and manage post-operative complications.

Sarah Holliday RVN C&GCertnes, Ftizpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue Ltd | AVNC2023

40 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

This presentation will begin with a brief outline describing the types of cancer pain seen in veterinary patients. Followed by analgesia options, the multi-modal approach and how the RVN can assist in successful monitoring and management of cancer pain. We will finish with pain scoring protocols and case study based examples.

This online learning course (providing 12 hours of evidenced CPD) is aimed at registered and student veterinary nurses who are tasked with implanting microchips into dogs, cats, rabbits or ferrets under the direction of a veterinary surgeon.

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The microchipping of any animal species other than dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets, is deemed an act of veterinary surgery and may only be undertaken by a veterinary surgeon. Learners may not legally perform any action either during their training, or post-qualification, which may be interpreted as an act of veterinary surgery as defined by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.