Animal Nutrition CPD

The Raw Truth - Dealing with Raw Clients (NC2023)

40 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

Following on from last year’s introduction to raw feeding, we will take a more hands on approach and equip you with the knowledge required to engage with your raw feeding clients. Whether you agree with this method of feeding or not, we have a duty of care to ensure we support those owners who chose to feed their dogs this way.

We will cover a basic nutritional balance, how to identify good commercial brands, and the issues with the labelling “complete”. Moving more in-depth into health conditions and life stages we will explore when and how to feed raw and most importantly when it’s not safe to support.

Raw feeding is an emotive subject and we will touch on handling a raw feeding client to ensure you maintain a good relationship.

Can cats and dogs be healthy on a plant-based diet? (NC2023)

40 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

Plant-based foods are increasingly popular in human nutrition and many owners want to provide exclusively vegetarian or vegan foods for their companions. The main Veterinary Associations such as the BVA and the Pet Food Manufacturers Association have until recently considered this trend as controversial.

This presentation will cover the scientific evidence that is available regarding the safety of feeding rations that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients to domesticated dogs and cats.

Scientific Validation of Premium Pet Supplements vs Online or Branded supplements (NC2023)

45 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

People and Pets eat more supplements than ever before on this planet and there is a desire by consumers to provide more natural alternatives to drugs for their pets. During this presentation, delegates will learn about the lack of legislation to protect consumers regarding efficacy of supplements, creating scepticism in animal care and veterinary professionals about the benefits of pet supplements, and the massive marketing by companies direct to consumers.

Four Areas will illustrate challenges for animal care and vet professionals for commonly used pet supplements:

  1. Joint Supplements
  2. Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids
  3. Anti-Diarrhoeas
  4. Calming Products

Feeding the Veterinary Cancer Patient (NC2023)

45 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

Adequate nutritional management can influence a cancer patient’s remission time, survival time, and quality of life. This session will begin by outlining the current research available surrounding cancer nutrition in both veterinary and human oncology patients.

The nutritional management of veterinary cancer patients should be specific to each patient based on nutritional needs and cancer diagnosis. Many cancer patients are also geriatric patients and therefore often have pre-existing co-morbidities that should be taken into consideration. The second part of this lecture will outline nutritional considerations in veterinary cancer patients and the veterinary nurse’s role in assessing patient’s nutrition.

Keeping Nutrition Simple for the Pet Owner (NC2023)

40 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

This presentation will cover the following key learning points:

  • The basics of nutrition and why it is so important
  • What to consider when recommending diet(s)
  • Case scenarios of pets and what nutrition you may recommend - and why

We will leave you with a good appreciation of the importance of nutrition and why one diet doesn’t fit all. You will take away knowledge to use in practice when supporting your clients.

Matthew Rendle RVN, The Association of Zoo and Exotic Veterinary Nurses (AZEVN) | NC2022

** minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

Nutrition is sadly often not prioritised in the assessment of exotic pets despite it being the underlaying issue resulting in many of the conditions exotic pets present with in veterinary practice.

In this lecture we will look at the commonly kept species, how we can prevent nutrition problems occurring as well as discussing how we nurse these patients once these problems are present, including the need for welfare assessments as well as QOL reviews.

Nicola Lakeman MSc BSc(Hons) RVN CertSAN CertVNECC VTS(Nutrition), Plymouth Veterinary Group | NC2022

40 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

The interaction of dietary nutrients and cardiac health has really come to the forefront recently for both positive and negative reasons. Grain-free diets have been linked with dilated cardio-myopathies in dogs and this has lead to interesting finding regarding the involvement of non-grain carbohydrate and protein sources and cardiac health.

Other nutrients have shown to have a massive positive effect on cardiac health, so much that the correct diet can help to slow (or even stop) the progression of cardiac issues. We will discuss these new findings and what that means to the veterinary nurse in practice.

Katie McCaul BSc VN ANutR DipNat, The Pet Diet and Raw Feeding Veterinary Society | NC2022

45 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

The raw pet food industry has grown tenfold in the last decade. Emerging ahead of legislation and education leaving veterinary professionals unarmed to support their clients. During this presentation we will look at nutritional adequacy of raw foods as well as safety concerns surrounding bacteria and parasites. We will be providing you with resources and busting common myths to help you support your clients and be able to answer common questions. All information is unbiased and evidence based. By the end of the talk you will be able to gain information and put together a handout for your clients on how to minimise risks of raw feeding to their pets.

Dr Marge Chandler DVM, MS, MANZCVS, DACVIM (Small Animal Medicine and Nutrition), MRCVS, Vets Now | NC2022

50 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

The key learning points this presentation will cover are:

  • Gain a better understanding of the aetiology of obesity in dogs and cats
  • Understand the consequences of canine and feline obesity
  • Be able to perform a quick nutritional assessment
  • Improve skills in engaging the owner in the discussion on obesity
  • Recognize the difficulties in weight loss and weight maintenance
  • Be able to set realistic goals and provide support to the owner for obesity management

Alexandra Taylor RVN CertSAN ISFM Dip&AdvCertFB, The Cat Nurse | NC2022

45 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

In this webinar we will be looking at the physical and mental changes that occur in older cats, and how these can affect their appetite, digestion, and body condition. We will cover how the nutritional requirements of an older cat differ from their younger counterparts, with many super senior cats suffering from a co-morbities, affecting their overall health and longevity.

Key learning objectives include:

  • To know the physical and behavioural changes occurring in the aging cat, and how they can affect both its nutritional needs and feeding habits
  • To learn the nutritional requirements of a geriatric cat and how they differ from younger cats
  • To understand the veterinary nurse’s role in educating owners about geriatric cat nutrition