CPD for Head Veterinary Nurses (VN)

Libby Kemkaran-Thompson | HNC2022

40 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

Being a leader takes guts.  One of the bravest things you need to do is to learn to trust everyone else!  How do we move from the old model of micromanagement and ‘carrot and stick’ control, towards a more holistic healthier and less stressful way of leading?

Learn the ‘pull vs push’ techniques that actually drop your workload and allow you a deeper connection with your team.

Understand the 4 different brain types and how to target them effectively with communication and focus that inspires rather than motivates.

Chris White, VMG and V4P | HNC2022

45 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

Change is constant, sometimes gradual and progressive, sometimes sudden and radical.

In the veterinary world, as well as having to rapidly adapt to the recent pandemic, we have to help our teams through changes in business ownership and changes in everyday working life as technology, competitive pressures, and new ways of working emerge.

In this session we will look at the nature of change, how to approach it, how people react to it, how to help your people through it, and how to make the change process more effective.

Claire Hodgson, BVCIS | HNC2022

45 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

We all want to be able to provide the best support possible to our colleagues when returning following a period of absence, especially when it is associated with illness. It can be hard to know where to start and easy to worry you might get it wrong.

This lecture will help you better understand how to support and prepare both the individual and your workplace for a return to work, what the legal and HR considerations are and what resources may be available to help you make any accommodations in order to maximise success and help ensure that the whole team thrives.

While the focus will be on health related absence much can be extrapolated to any return following prolonged period of absence.

Silvia Janska & Jessica May - Flexee Ltd | HNC2022

30 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

34% of vet nurses in the UK currently work flexibly, approximately double wish to work flexibly, and more then 50% find it difficult to arrange this with their employer. 

There are a few core aspects that are at play when arranging flexible working. It needs to work for the individual, as well as for the team and the business. Fairness of opportunity is key. 

However, the current reactive approach to flexible working requests means the employee needs are either not met, or are unsustainable long-term - meaning we might work flexitime, but still feel the work-load is the same as before reducing hours for example. 

Rota management is another headache when discussing flex work. Yet about 20% of vet practices are making flexible working work. So, what are they doing?

Gemma Barmby - Vet Dynamics | HNC2022

30 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

The job of a head veterinary nurse is a complex multi layered role requiring you to wear many different hats often simultaneously. It is stressful and busy and highly rewarding.

In our session we will be exploring some tips and tricks on juggling your managerial and clinical workloads by learning:

  • how to prioritize your priorities
  • how to manage your distractions
  • how to plan your days for maximum efficiency
  • how to say no

Anne-Marie Svendsen Aylott | HNC2022

50 minute video - Certificated at 1 hour of CPD

Emotional intelligence skills have been linked to a wide range of benefits – from outstanding leadership to personal happiness. 

They are skills – they can be taught – and there is a clear progression in where you start and how you move from there. 

The session will introduce you to the concepts of emotional intelligence skills, get you started on your journey and give you points as to how you start to utilise them with the people around you.